Jessica R. Scott

Professional Translator, Writer and Editor


Jessica is a British translator, editor and writer who currently lives and works among the trolls in Norway. Much like Norwegians, she drinks her coffee black. Unlike Norwegians, she cannot ski.

Jessica translates from all three Scandinavian languages (Norwegian, Danish and Swedish) into English. She has an MA in Translation and Culture from University College London (UCL), which is also where she also received her BA in Viking Studies - she insists that this makes her a qualified Viking.

When she's not working, you can find Jessica perfecting her shim sham, watching horror movies from behind a very big cushion, or finalising her survival plan for when the zombie apocalypse (inevitably) happens.


  • Academia & Education
  • Arts & Humanities
  • Literature
  • Marketing (including SEO)
  • Personal (CV, Cover letters, etc.)
  • Travel & Tourism


  • MA in Translation and Culture, 2018

    University College London

  • BA in Viking Studies, 2017

    University College London


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