I started work as a translator (NO/DA/SW to EN), writer and editor in August 2018, and became freelance in July 2019. You can find out more about each of the services I offer below.

If you want to see examples of my work, you can check them out here.


My passion for communication is particularly evident in my translation work, as translation is all about finding different ways to communicate an idea: you have to be able to find the right words, and those words may change depending on the subject matter and intended audience.

I currently offer translation services for the following language pairs:

  • Norwegian (bokmål and nynorsk) into English
  • Danish into English
  • Swedish into English


While translating and editing involves working with other people's texts, I've always enjoyed the creative freedom of producing my own texts, and write for my own enjoyment as well as for professional purposes.

In many ways, my work as a translator and editor has only strengthened my writing ability, as I have to be sure that each text I deliver is grammatically flawless and reads fluently. However, perfecting other people's texts has also helped me realise that if a text is to be convincing, it must be much more than just well written. Perfect punctuation and clever alliteration do little good if the content does not achieve its goal, and this is a key principle that any writer should keep in mind when writing for a specific audience or context.

Proofreading and Copy-Editing

Proofreading and copy-editing are often intrinsic parts of my other work. However, it is possible to hire them as a separate service. Whether you're a native English speaker or not, having someone cast an additional eye over your text can make a world of difference.

Due to my CELTA qualification and time spent teaching English abroad, I have a lot of experience in correcting and editing written English texts, and I am particularly good at discerning what someone wants to say, no matter how clumsily they have expressed themselves. There are few things more satisfying than untangling a mess of words to reveal a beautiful tapestry of text beneath it.

Due to my background, I specialise in British English texts; however, I do also have experience with American English.

What types of text do you work with?

My favourite text genres to work with are the ones that enable me to truly be creative with my work. These include but are not limited to:

  • Academia and Education
  • Arts and Humanities (history, folklore, etc.)
  • Literature
  • Marketing (including SEO)
  • Personal (CV, cover letters, etc.)
  • Travel and Tourism

However, throughout my career I have also worked with texts from a variety of other fields, including aquaculture, recipes, property management, cyber security tutorials, science and technology, etc. For many of these texts, I have first had to research the wider subject area to ensure that my work was in line with the industry standards in the target language.

If you're interested in hiring my services or if you have any questions at all (or you just really want to know what a degree in Viking Studies entails), do not hesitate to get in touch.